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Project: Travel industry awards submissions

In 2016, Abbotts Travel was encouraged to submit an entry for the Top 50 Travel Agencies awards by Travel Trade Gazette (TTG), the travel industry's premier publication.

I suggested that this could be useful to Abbotts Travel in order to raise its profile within the travel industry, as well as exposing the business to a wider audience among the public, trade and supply partners.

The awards submission entailed the creation of a detailed document covering background, history, marketing, business growth, customer service and Abbotts' place in the community.

As the project lead, I was required to research, compile and submit the entry. I also oversaw external editorial and production support.

The entry was submitted to a panel of judges who whittled over 940 entries down to regional shortlists of five, each of whom were visited and interviewed. I hosted the visit to Abbotts Travel.

I worked on subsequent submissions in 2017 and 2018. Abbotts won again in 2017 and was runner-up in 2018.

The impressive trophies sit proudly on display in the Abbotts Travel office.

This success resulted in significant recognition within the travel industry, along with considerable coverage in the local media and a humbling amount of written correspondence from clients.


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