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Client Liaison

  • Digital strategy

  • Company voice

  • Prompt and clear communication

  • Engaging emails and newsletters to strengthen relationships

  • Database creation and analysis

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Supplier Relations

  • Marketing strategy and initiatives

  • Regular communication and training

  • Business development

  • Social media engagement

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Event Management

  • Organisation of all types of events, including in-store events, showcases and team days

  • End-to-end co-ordination and management of logistics, including invites, venue, catering, speakers, goodie bags

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Content Creation

  • Newsletters

  • Videos

  • Blogs and social media posts

  • Editorial, including magazine features

  • Website copy

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Partnership Building

  • Networking – locally and globally, both trade and businesses, with similar values 

  • Increase business contacts and communicate well with them

  • Teamwork within your organisation 

  • Local connections and link building

  • Cross marketing opportunities 

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Media Engagement

  • Print, online and radio, locally and nationally

  • Trade media

  • Getting your message and story out

  • Press releases

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Project Management

  • Strategy

  • Liaison and communication

  • Logistics

  • Reporting and analysis

  • Management support

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Business Growth

  • Increase your brand awareness

  • Enhance your reputation

  • Engage, increase your audience and build loyalty and trust

  • Sales initiatives

  • Create partnerships 

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