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Project: Relationship building via BNI membership

I was tasked by Abbotts Travel to develop new business relationships in the local area.

I decided that a local business networking organisation might be useful to Abbotts, and after much research, we joined the 'B4B Redbridge' chapter of Business Network International (BNI), who was looking for an established travel agent partner for its members.

I represented Abbotts Travel at weekly meetings, making regular presentations, conducting one-to-one meetings with members to explore mutually beneficial opportunities, attending training sessions to acquire new skills and expanding the company’s local network and reach.

I became an active member, leading its social committee in my second year and being responsible for project managing successful member events including a large Christmas party in Central London.

I created a monthly feature on the Abbotts Travel website and newsletter, introducing local BNI associates to its readership.

Abbotts Travel made several connections with BNI members and their associates, resulting in a significant amount of new business.


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