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Project: Partnerships with local golf clubs

In December 2016, I was tasked with finding local partners/ venues where Abbotts Travel could host showcase events.

I responded to an approach from Chigwell Golf Club; the Abbott family had historic ties to Chigwell Golf Club and several clients were also members.

I met with board members to discuss a workable strategy that would benefit both golf club members and Abbotts Travel clients.

The partnership was signed off and we agreed a trial period. This has subsequently been renewed and extended.

The arrangement includes:

  • discounted travel for golf club members

  • use of the golf club by Abbotts Travel for showcase events

  • invitations to golf club members to showcase events

  • Abbotts Travel newsletter to golf club members

In February 2019, Abbotts Travel decided it wanted to build further ties with local partners and so I approached West Essex Golf Club in Chingford.

I met with the club secretary to outline the vision and proposal. I designed and agreed a strategy and put in place a partnership which started in March 2019.

We had an initial presence by way of an ad in the golf club magazine, a banner in the clubhouse banner, a banner on the golf course and involvement in key club events.

We held the first of a series of showcase events at the club in May.

Click here to view a list of showcase events held at these partner venues:


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