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"Danny and his team demonstrated a high level of professionalism, creativity and expertise" - Sarah

I am delighted to share my experience using Minty Highway, an exceptional company that exceeded my expectations in every aspect of their service.

Danny and his team demonstrated a high level of professionalism, creativity and expertise, making the entire process an absolute pleasure.

From our initial consultation, it was evident that they truly cared about understanding my vision and objectives, taking time to listen attentively to my ideas and requirements, offering valuable insights and suggestions to enhance the overall design and functionality of my website as well as my general digital presence.

They skilfully crafted a visually stunning website that perfectly captured the essence of my fledgling brand. The attention to detail, colour schemes and typography choices were carefully considered and reflected my brand well. The site was optimized for various devices, ensuring that it looked fantastic and functioned flawlessly on desktops, tablets and mobile phones.

Communication with Minty Highway was outstanding throughout the entire project. They were highly responsive, promptly addressing any questions or concerns I had. Danny and Liz provided regular updates on progress, ensuring that I was involved in every step of the process. They truly went above and beyond to ensure it was smooth, and my humble project was treated like one for a major corporate brand.

Furthermore, the level of customer service and support I received from them was unparalleled. Even after the project’s completion, they were readily available to assist with any post-launch questions or issues that arose. Their dedication and commitment to customer satisfaction and excellence was evident in every interaction and made me feel valued as a client.

In conclusion, I wholeheartedly recommend Minty Highway to anyone in need of professional, innovative and reliable business development solutions.

Sarah Archer


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